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"Homosexuality was very heterosexual."

I'm a girl. (Actually, I'm a woman but for this discussion I'll go along with the gameplan) I wish there were Black women that were as introspective as you are about our bodies and our roles. Part of being a girl is being conditioned to believe that our pleasure is secondary to the man's, that wer are really only valuable if we have men lusting after our pussies. What happens to the identity of a girl who's only purpose in life is to prove that she has more value than the next hole men want to fuck? It's a debilitating condition that warps one's self image. Yes, I'm a girl but I'm far more than my pussy, I'm far more than a recepticle for men's pleasure, and I'm far more than a submissive and weak plaything.


Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed account of what you went through as a bottom. I am sorry to hear that you have to attach so many feminine qualities to being a bottom. When a women gets fucked it's a women getting fucked. When a man get's fucked it's a man getting fucked. The only thing they have in common is both of them are gettng fucked :). To me that is where the comparison ends. Just because you bottom doesn't mean that you have to be weak. A bottom can be as masculine and powerful as a top. There is nothing hotter to me than a an experienced bottom that can take a back breaking fuck with the best of them. It is all about how you approach the situation. Watching a good bottom is like admiring a work of art to me.

All bottoms also aren't bottoms because their dicks are smaller. My dick is close to 9" long and 2" wide and I am mostly a bottom. Most of the time my dick is larger than the top. If my dick was larger or smaller than it is now, I would probably still be mostly a bottom.

Over many years I have learned how to be a great power bottom and though the top may wield the majority of the force, it is really my ass that controls the flow of the sex. Tops enjoy my ass and have no problem expressing that. I also have no problem telling them what I want. As a bottom you don't have to just lay there. Sex is what you make of it. If you go into it with a mindset that you will be the weak one that is exactly how you will be treated. Don't be afraid to be agressive as a bottom and don't forget you have a voice. You can control things just as much as a top. Without your ass he will be up stream without a boat to paddle :) Decide what you want out of sex and go out there and get it. Make everyone else follow your lead. Good luck in love and life.



My best friend, Steven G. Fullwood, just put me onto your site. I thoroughly enjoyed your mix of introspection and analysis.

As a consumer and producer of social science on the sexual culture of black men who have sex with men, I have to say that I wish there was more of this kind of writing in the scholarly and general audience literature.

Keep it up.

Peace Pleasure and Passion,
Dr. H. Williams
Black Funk


Thank you


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Is it really that hard to fucking spell out "bottom?" Or was your "o" key broken? Jesus Christ, it was actually harder to spell "bttm."


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